28. august 2013

Just how will MOOCs evolve?

Phil Hill poses an interesting question about how higher education will adapt to the landscape of a rapidly evolving MOOC infrastructure. His post is discussing the four barriers that MOOCs will have to overcome for a common acceptance of self-sustainment.

Instead, let us take a short look at what needs to happen with MOOCs? In short, an API (application programming interface). MOOC services like Coursera could benefit greatly from a well-defined, secure, and appropriate API.

Why? The short answer is that MOOCs must act as the gate-keepers. iOS’ Application Store is chock full of useless and awful applications that are painfully designed, unmaintained, or just useless. MOOCs should act as a licenser, a la Nintendo. Applications should be checked for usefulness, usability, security, and a host of other factors to limit a MOOC “app store” or repository from being filled with junk.

Given the history of LMS and internet-based learning technologies, following the current trends seems to be a consistent way of predicting future services and applications. Where Web 2.0 goes, e-Learning 2.0will follow.

Eric Sembrat

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