27. desember 2013

China isn't creative enough to win a science Nobel

Tilsynelatende litt på siden, men egentlig noe som går helt til kjernen av det vi holder på med:
The reality is that no Nobel science winner has been a product of China’s education system. There are many reasons for China’s failure to win the prestigious award. An education system enslaved to rote learning and test scores is one. Zheng Yefu, a sociologist at Beijing’s Peking University, insists that no matter what university you study at – Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard or Yale – you have no chance of winning a Nobel Prize for science if you have spent your first 12 years in a Chinese school. An exaggeration perhaps but the premise of his argument is sound: individuality, curiosity, imagination and creativity are simply expunged by the Chinese education system.
The Conversation

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